Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Our Priority
iBroker™ recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of those who utilize its software; and is committed to ensuring that any personal information we receive is kept safe and private.

Why and How We Collect Personal Information
iBroker™ mobile application does not store any personal information on your device. Account number and access key needed to logon to your brokerage account can be optionally stored by the user on the device in order to get a quicker access to the account. This is an optional feature the user can disable and choose to enter this information every time they use the application.

Trade history, orders, market prices and account balances are obtained in real-time from the financial institution where the user's account is held, and transmitted to iBroker™ mobile aplication via a iBroker™ bridge server. All this information is not stored locally in the app.

For those users who enable the email notification service, user's email address will be stored on the iBroker™ notifications server and may be used to submit email trade notifications and/or any other iBroker™ service updates.

For those users who request a demo account via the application or the website, we store on iBroker™ servers all the information given on the signup form.

How We Protect Personal Information
We protect your information by insuring all communication from the iBroker™ app to the trading servers is done using the SSL protocol. Every message sent or received from iBroker™ app is done under SSL encryption.

We promise to never sell your name or personal information to anyone.
We will never sell your name or personal information to anyone.

Joint Marketing with Affiliates
iBroker™ is owned and licensed in the United States exclusively by Trading Motion LLC and Attain Capital Management, LLC, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Reliance Capital Markets II LLC. Either of these companies may offer you unique investment opportunities and other services through the information given to iBroker™.

Disclosure to Third Party Service Providers
In order to support the financial products and services we provide to you, we may share the personal information described above with select third-party service providers, including:

  • Financial service institutions (e.g.,FCMs, CTAs, System Developers, advisers, dealers, brokers, trust companies and banks) with whom you are also a client of.
  • Companies under contract to perform services for us or on your behalf, such as vendors that work on our corporate website, internal databases, and other computer software maintenance and development.

These companies acting on our behalf are required to keep your personal information confidential both in their agreements with iBroker™ and their own privacy policies.

Also, we may disclose personal information with regulatory authorities as permitted or required by applicable law. For example, we may disclose personal information to cooperate with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies to comply with subpoenas or other official requests, and as necessary to protect our rights or property.

Except as described in this privacy policy, we will not use your personal information for any other purpose unless we describe how such information will be used at the time you disclose it to us or we obtain your permission to do so.

Because your information is only accessed by iBroker™ and affiliated third parties, an "opt out" notice does not apply and is not provided.

Accessing and Revisiting Your Personal Information
We will give you reasonable access to the information we have about you. If you have a question or concern about your personal information or this privacy notice, please contact iBroker™.

iBroker Privacy Policy version 1, dated February 14th, 2011